We here at the Comic Planet see the digital trend in comics as the way of the future, but nothing will ever replace the fun and joy of walking into a local comic book shop. So in an effort to remind people why local shops are so great, we’ll be going around to various comic shops and sharing what we find! Now, to the longboxes!

A double-wide storefront is the entrance to Pittsburgh Comics, one of the best shops in the Pittsburgh area

Despite it’s name, Pittsburgh Comics ( is located in McMurray, a good 25-30 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh proper. But it’s worth the drive: Pittsburgh Comics is one of the best local comic shops I’ve ever been in, and may be the best one in the Pittsburgh area.

Standing under giants

As soon as you enter, you notice one thing that is hard to come by in LCSs: it’s very bright and colorful. The entire store is well lit, and the left side of the store (with the latest merchandise, featured books and sales and collected edition shelves lining the walls) has nicely polished hardwood floors, adding to the brightness. The color schemes are very Superman, bright red and royal blue, and they very much evoke a comics feel. The collected editions are well-stocked, I found a large number of out-of-print trades (my standard way of checking this is to see if they carry the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow trade, one of the only collected editions of the reboot Legion and not exactly a huge seller).

In the adjoining room are the comics themselves, lining the walls and wrapping around the room. Lot’s of stock on DC and Marvel (including the recent best-sellers) but also Dark Horse, Image and smaller publishers like Bluewater, IDW and Boom.

Pittsburgh Comics also carries games, including comic-store mainstays Dungeons and Dragons and Magic, but even more unexpected was their large wall of board games. They had some pretty high-end stuff from Fantasy Flight, mixed with smaller board games like Cataan and Puerto Rico. A very good selection.

"Is this some kind of bust?" "Well, it's very impressive..."

What about merchandise? A shocking number of statues and busts, impressive considering the expense to keep those as floor stock. The line of small lead figurines from Marvel and DC was well-represented and displayed right by the counter.

The store owner, Colin, was extremely friendly and very helpful. I’ve rarely been in an LCS where the staff was more approachable (others have ranged from unhelpful and rude to super-nerdy and/or creepy… nobody close to that here). They do pre-orders and even special orders without blinking an eye.

Board game bonanza!

If I had any criticism, it would be the selection of back issues. There were a fair number of longboxes in the comic room, but the selection was very limited, both in titles and how far back in years it went. This is a great store to pick up your Wednesday books, but don’t expect to dig up any treasures in their back issues. Hopefully this is something they rectify so this truly becomes a one-stop for the area’s comic needs.

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