Reviews and Twitter

I think I’m going to start using Twitter to do my weekly comic reviews. Generally, anything I’m reacting to as I read books is quickly forgotten afterwards. It may be a little stream-of-conscious and unedited, but I think it will prove more fruitful. Don’t despair! Reviews are not going away, they’ll just be reserved for special occasions and old favorites I think deserve a little more appreciation. Remember, you can follow my tweets on @ComicPlanetInd! I’ll start each set of tweets with a hashtag #ReadingComics and each tweet related will have a hashtag for the book and I’ll try to include the issue number whenever I can (for instance, “#GreenLantern 60”).

About comicplanetindustries
We are a comic book blog featuring news, reviews, opinions and discussions. We cater to all levels of comics fandom, from the casual to the hardcore!

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