Steel City Con Recap

Loading up my Ultimate Super-Hero Mix on my iPhone and consuming a large Mountain Dew for extra nerd-power (essential for hunting for bargains!), I took off for this year’s Steel City Con at the Monroeville Convention center just east of Pittsburgh.

I haven’t been to this particular convention before, but it’s the smaller one of the two annual conventions in Pittsburgh (the Pittsburgh ComicCon being the big convention). This is mainly a dealer-based con, and they were out in force! A handful of back-issue dealers were present, but the majority of the tables were collectibles retailers: toys, statues, figurines, trading cards, t-shirts, card games, even movie props. It was quite an impressive spread.

Nice scan bait!

I had no particular goals for this con, just to get a look at the junk, maybe find some back issues on the cheap and check out the local artists/indie books. I rifled through the back issues, pulling some old Legion books I wanted to try my hand at scanning (picked up the entire Great Darkness Saga for about 7 bucks), and a couple more here and there. The complete Man of Steel miniseries by John Byrne was a particularly great find, along with early Superboy stuff from the Reign of the Supermen. I picked up a whole run of the indie book Iron Sirens (even had one signed by one of the female bodybuilders the book is based on), and I was surprised at the quality of the book. I must make a note to review it sometime soon.

The celebrities were pretty sparse. Richard Kiel was in attendance, and man has that dude gotten old. There were some wrestling girls from TNA (I’m not a big wrestling fan) and the obligatory Stormtroopers and a dude in a pretty nice Vader costume. There were a number of people in Mandalorian armor (seems like everyone wanted to be Boba Fett but more than one would certainly violate fake-costumed-character credibility!), including one with their plastic breast plate shaped like breasts. I’m going to assume it was a woman, but with the armor and helmet on I wouldn’t rule out a crossplayer. The only major celebrity (relatively) was the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno. The line was 20 people deep and I saw he was charging $40 for a picture with him. Needless to say, I passed.

My favorite sign I've seen on a long-box in a while.

As befitting a con of this size, there were just a few fan costumes. I saw the world’s least curvy woman in a Catwoman suit. She was so stick-thin the vinyl outfit bunched up and she was not pulling it off. Better than that was a guy in a fairly decent-looking Deadpool costume and his companion, a passable Ms. Marvel (not really enough hips to make the sash hang right, but not bad overall). We have a phenomenon here in Pittsburgh of a group of guys in full-on Ghostbuster jumpsuits and proton packs. As I left, I saw their mini-van painted to look like Ecto-1 in the parking lot.

All in all, a decent Con for wasting a few hours browsing dealer tables, but not much more than that. Still, we really only have two cons here in Pittsburgh, so it was still the place to be for all the nerds, geeks and other dateless wonders. I just wish it was a little more “Who’s Who” and a little less “Who the hell?”.

Star Trek Card Game on the cheap. Makes me nostalgic...

A trio of B-9s, dwarfing Robby...

Ugh. I'm so done with people cramming zombies into everything else.

Some of the rarer DC Universe figures. Even a Sinestro!

Asps! Very dangerous! You go first!

So many Transformers

Old School Star Wars

Figures upon figures


I love the smell of longboxes in the morning...

Sliding bins like in elementary school... classy!

Collect them all!

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6 Responses to Steel City Con Recap

  1. You go to the con and don’t even stop by to say hi. Hmph! I was right behind the guy you bought the man of Steel from. I made a rude comment, (something about them allowing anyone in) but you ignored it.

  2. Oh man, I didn’t even hear you! Throw something at my head next time

  3. Melissa says:

    XD Least curvy Catwoman ever! lol I am not curvy at all. I tried to pull it off though. I was gonna be Harley Quinn, but I had to buy some spirit gum and was unable to get to it in time for the Con. Where were you? I was walking with my parents and Padme and young Obi-Wan. I don’t know if I got to meet you or not, but I love your article! lol Next time, I’ll think of toilet paper stuffing.

    • Gee, I’m not sure why I didn’t think people would actually read this and call me out on my snarkiness. Sorry! Better than fattest Catwoman ever! :/

      Harley Quinn is SO played out and hacky, I think Catwoman was a MUCH better choice. And the costume itself was pretty kick-ass (IIRC, the goggles were great!). Honestly, I don’t get why people want to dress up as Harley so much (smexiness aside). She’s comicdom’s biggest co-dependent and even worse, her boyfriend is a psychotic mass murderer who beats her. Great person to emulate :p

      I was just sort of wandering around, I didn’t have the balls to actually talk to any costumed people face-to-face lol. Check out our Facebook page, we’re a more active community on there

  4. Linda says:

    I though the con was fun as a whole. I thought there should have been more of a crowd there this year, but at least the space was maneuverable. As for the costumes, I was pleasantly pleased to see a wider variety of cosplayers here. Though I myself do not participate, I admire the ones that do. I am lucky if I could fit into anything as tight as most of those people were wearing. lol Great review. BTW, speaking of that Catwoman girl, I got to talk with her a bit and she was actually really nice (you’re welcome Melissa/Catwoman) and I think she said she was only 19, so I don’t know much about her genetics (lol), but I though her costume was dead on with the newer comics verson. Ms. Marvel was swell and Deadpool was pretty sweet too. I have to say that I was a little too nervous to approach Lou Ferrigno, but I very much enjoyed Daniel Logan’s presence. The wrestling girls were very beautiful women, and I was satisfied with the guest lineup this year. Jaws was an incredibly interesting man, and was very friendly as well. I saw another guy dressed as Scarecrow I think, and his costume was pretty amazing. The Rorschach coslayer did a great job of staying in character and never flinched or talked when I asked for a pic of him. Anyway, thought I’d add to your review my thoughts. Take care! 😀

    • It was basically up to realistic expectations, this was just my first con in a while, so my expectations were probably overly high. I was also expecting more comics retailing and it was mostly toys (again, to be expected but apparently not in my mind). Don’t get me wrong, I did have a lot of fun and it was a great atmosphere. The level of nerdiness hit that pitch perfect level of “nerdy enough but not annoying/irritating/depressing” 🙂

      As for my comments on Melissa, in retrospect, that was overly critical. I get used to commenting on artwork and how close an artist’s depiction is true to the character and it didn’t occur to me that “gee, that’s a real person.” So not fair on my part to criticize on body type/shape. The costume was pretty sweet.

      I totally forgot the Scarecrow and Rorschach. They were both great costumes. I really wanted to ask the Rorschach how (if?) he could see through the mask.

      Thanks for the comments!

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