Naked big bad wolves and princesses... oh my!

I may have just been talked into reading the entire Fables series by two who shall remain nameless. I’ve always heard good things and I’ve been so deep in Legion comics lately (finished the Magic Wars at about 2AM last night… moving on to L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Five Year Gap next), I need a good non-super-hero palette-cleaner. Since I’ve made this decision, I thought maybe an interesting experiment would be to see how fast I can actually read this. And I don’t mean as in skimming 100+ issues+Jack of Fables+Cinderella+Literals+Last Castle in an evening, but reading the main series (with relevant crossover issues), uninterrupted at a normal rate and seeing how many nights it takes me to finish. This may involve some live-tweeting for milestones/impressive moments, which I’ll hashtag with #SRFables.

And if it kills me, you can blame you-know-who…

If anyone else has any ideas for other Speed Reading features, let us know! What are the books you love that you think EVERYONE should be reading?

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  1. It begins…

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