Why did I think I could have an intelligent discussion on Twitter?

I’m going to make a medium story short. Somebody on Twitter made a post about the Glyph Awards (honoring positive black portrayal in comics). Someone else made a point how they didn’t think minorities should set themselves apart if they wanted to be included in mainstream society. He did this in a pretty asinine way (implying that this was making them victims, not society members). The original author decided to be very condescending to him (well within her rights as he was being a douche). It escalated.

In the middle of this, I commented that I thought there was an interesting point in there somewhere about how minorities don’t want to be treated differently than the mainstream, but do want to celebrate and be represented by what makes them different. Note that I was not saying this was right, just pointing out this logical paradox.

The responses I got was (basically), “Prejudice is never okay. They should be allowed to recognize themselves if no one else will.”

Ok, I wasn’t saying it was, so I responded with (basically), “that’s true. But you can’t create a situation where you’re setting yourself apart and then be shocked that there’s prejudice against you.” (again, no judgement or support of prejudice, just trying to figure out how this is reconciled)

The response came back: “How is prejudice ever ok?”

They weren’t listening to the point I was trying to make (and, I suspect, not interested in accepting that it was even valid). I was limited to 140 characters to try and explain a fairly nuanced point and was failing miserably. And, like an idiot, I kept trying to plow ahead as if this level of intelligent discussion was possible on Twitter (and that’s a comment on the technology, not the participants).

I hate Twitter :p

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2 Responses to Why did I think I could have an intelligent discussion on Twitter?

  1. E. Peterman says:

    Man, this sucks. I could write an old-woman rant about how sensible communication is basically dead in these days of soundbites and screaming, but you know that already. SIgh.

  2. But where would you find an old woman? 🙂
    Really, it’s my fault. I knew better yet I tried anyway on a touchy subject with people who were used to being defensive about it. I still think I have a point, but neither the time nor the technology to try and have a discussion

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