Who I Am. How I Come to Be.

It begins...

Hello.  How are you?  So happy to see you.

Welcome to the headquarters of Comic Planet Industries, purveyors of all thoughts comical.  This is the mandatory introduction blog post.  Enjoying it so far?  If you’ll stick with me through what may be a shaky launch, you’ll find a wealth of interesting posts about comic books past and present, comic book news, the comic book industry, comic book fans, my history with comic books, comic book movies and TV shows.  In other words, all things comic books.

I’ve been reading comics since I was 8 and I’ve been reading regularly for about 16 years.  I grew up reading comics in the so-called Dark Age, when comics hit their big boom in the 90s.  This was the age of chrome covers, poly-bagged comics (with trading cards!), 5 regular Superman books (one each week), 4 monthly Spider-Man books, about a dozen monthly X-Men-related books and obsessive collecting of anything with Jim Lee or Rob Liefeld art.  The prevalent wisdom among comic companies seemed to be if you gave massively muscled men guns, impossibly-bodied women revealing clothes and replaced all of the heroes with younger and/or darker versions of themselves, you could basically print your own money (with glow-in-the-dark ink and holographic pictures of the presidents posing with Lobo).  Nowadays, I feel people look back on this time as laughable, pathetic or just plain wrong.  But I think those people tend to overlook one important fact:  it sold through the roof.  I’m not justifying those decisions and this blog is not about claiming this or any other era of comics is better than another, but I think the Dark Age gets a bum rap.  If you look past the over-the-top trappings, you can find a lot of good stories and attempts at innovation in what was a fairly static genre for the previous 20-something years.

In my teen years, I worked at a local comic shop here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  Boy, what a revelation that was.  I was introduced not only to the history of DC and Marvel in the form of the back issues on hand in the store, but also a whole new world of comics and companies I never knew existed.  From horror comics to western comics to Vertigo to Dark Horse to newspaper strip collections of Bloom County and Doonesbury, I got a real education into the comics I was missing.  I read as many old comics as I could get my hands on, learning the stories referenced in modern day comics, and then the stories referenced in those old comics and so forth.  I eventually graduated and went to the cloudy fields of Happy Valley, attending Penn State for a degree in Information Sciences.  While I was there, I took so many literature and sociology classes about comics and pop culture I practically had a minor in Media Studies.  Am I an expert?  Of course not, but I like to think I at least know enough to not sound like an idiot.  You be the judge.

Now I find myself in the modern day of comics, the general theme of which seems to be restoration.  The older comics companies are obsessed with bringing back the older characters and ideas they threw aside in the 80s and 90s, thereby undoing the “mistakes” of those decades.  The irony here is that basically the same ideas are being employed: rewriting the canon of their characters and pasts and taking the current characters and replacing them with different ones.   Same idea, different decade; nothing’s really that different.  The smaller and newer companies are branching out from the superhero genre altogether, producing more horror-based comics (especially zombies and werewolves).  Sounds a lot like the Gaines books in the 1950s after the Golden Age ended to me.  Again: nothing really changes in the comic industry.

So now that you know a little more about me, your friendly Comic Planet Industries rep, what can you expect from this blog?  Well, hopefully the previous few paragraphs are a little taste in and of themselves.  I’ll be discussing trends in comics and my thoughts on them, reviewing new comics and my picks of the week, sharing my thoughts on new comic movies, checking out local comic shops and sharing some pictures: basically, talking about comics in general.  And I welcome discussion, be it in the form of comments on these blogs, or Comic Planet Industries Facebook posts or tweets over at Twitter.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, agree or disagree, but let’s all remember to be civil with each other:  there’s no such thing as a dumb opinion.

So sit back, get your M.M.M.S. song at the ready, polish your flight ring and pull your underwear over your pants:  Comic Planet Industries is in your orbit!

Wait, that sucks.  How about “Comic Planet Industries is going to plummet into your singularity’s gravity!”

Terrible.  Maybe “Comic Planet Industries is going to dump it’s non-EPA approved toxic runoff all over your soft tissue!”

Call me an old softie, but I think that one’s a winner.


Comic Planet Industries Founder, CEO, CIO, CFO, OFC, SOB, President and Dictator-For-Life

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